Important Reminder from the Bookkeeper
  • ALL checks should be made payable to SAUNDERS MIDDLE SCHOOL, except for book orders including the following book clubs: Troll, Tab, and Arrow

  • We welcome your checks; however, if your check is returned for insufficient funds, we will electronically present it to your bank for the face value plus a $35.00 processing fee and any protest or bad check return fee will be charged by your financial institution. This action will be taken without further notice
All returned checks referred for collection are subject to a $35.00processing fee, any protest or bad check return fee charged by your financial institution, and all other charges, interest, and attorney's fee allowed by law
  • Please DO NOT send large bills with your students. This includes 20's, 50's and 100's. The school does not always have the capability of making change for large bills.

For any questions/concerns regarding finances please contact our bookkeeper, Alma Sandoval by phone at 703-670-9188 or by email at [email protected]