My name is Kim Rabago BSN, RN and I am the nurse at Herbert J. Saunders Middle School. I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and have experience in various specialties including neonatal intensive care, post partum and pediatrics. This is my 10+ years as a school nurse with Prince William County Schools.

The purpose of the School Health Program is to create an environment of wellness that supports student learning. Please help me by filling out a health treatment plan if your child has a chronic illness or requires special medical treatments. My door is always open to discuss any health concerns you may have.

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By now, you probably know that it is recommended that everyone 6 months of age or older receive a flu vaccination each year. While it’s best to get your flu shot as soon as it is available (sometimes as early as August)! Flu season usually peaks in January or February and continues through May. Getting a flu shot is not only the single best way to protect yourself from getting sick, it’s also the best way to prevent the spread of flu to others.

Help us make Virginia the healthiest state in the nation by getting a flu shot and encouraging your friends and family to get one as well.

It is important to get a flu shot even if you had one last year. Your immune protection from vaccination declines over time, so an annual vaccination is needed to get the best protection against the flu.

The flu is a serious disease, especially for certain age groups and people with certain chronic health conditions, such as:

  • Children younger than five, but especially younger than two years old
  • Adults 65 years of age or older
  • Women who are pregnant or just had a baby
  • People with chronic health conditions 

To find out where to get a flu shot in your area, contact your local health department or use the vaccine finder. And visit our Miss The Flu page for more information on how to miss the flu, not your life!

ATTENTION: All Rising 7th graders

New Immunization Requirements for the 2021-2022 School Year

Effective July 1, 2021, All Rising 7th graders must have the following:

Tdap vaccine:

·        A booster dose is required for all children entering 7th grade


Meningococcal Conjugate vaccine: (minimum of 2 doses)

·        First dose must be administered prior to entering 7th grade

·        Final dose should be administered prior to entering 12th grade


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: (two dose series)

·        Effective July 1, 2021, a complete series of 2 doses of HPV vaccine is required for students entering 7th grade

·        Dose one shall be administered before the student enters the 7th grade

·        A parent/guardian may elect for the child not to receive the HPV vaccine


Once your student is 11 years old, take them to the doctor or the Health Department and update your student’s shot record. Please drop off a copy of the updated shot record or email to the school office or school nurse, Mrs. Rabago

[email protected]


Remember: Tdap, Meningococcal and HPV vaccines are required for entrance into 7th grade.


Questions?  Call Mrs. Rabago RN, BSN


                      Email – [email protected]


Food Help Line : 703-794-4668
Families can call and agents will help direct you to their nearest food pantry based on your location or they will be entered into a system to get a delivery if they do not have transportation or are immune compromised.

or more information, visit Tipping the Scales.

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