What is a School Psychologist?

School Psychologists, promote educationally, psychologically health school environments to optimize student learning. 

Here at Saunders Middle School, the School Psychologist:

  • Works to provide a supportive environment for academic success through consultation & collaboration, prevention & intervention strategies, assessment & evaluation, education, & advocacy (i.e.substance abuse, attendance, school health nurse, guidance, human relations);
  • Involved in Child Study Meetings, group & individual counseling,working with teachers to create behavior modifications for classroom or individual student or evaluating a student’s academic & cognitive strengths & weaknesses;
  • Use their specialized training to link health services to learning & behavior.;
  • Highly trained in both psychology and education; and
  • Has a Master’s degree or higher.

National Association of School Psychologists

What is a School Psychologist? (PDF)

What is a School Psychologist? (Spanish) (PDF)