Saunders' Girls 2022 Soccer Team:

1) Olivia Roth          2) Emily Greenleaf          3) Audrey Knuettel         

4) Ginger St. Louis     5) Teresa De Leon       6) Andrea Alas

7) Angelyna Santana       8) Claire Navarro       9) Ellie Smalley-Tran

10) Kelly Oliveria        11) Jordanna Jordan        12) Alaura Thapa

13) Kayla Brimmer      14) Brynn Stallings        15) Alexandra Bassett

16) Cadence Pomietto       17) Lena Thorpe     18) Arianna Larios

19) Nadia Hess         20) Sabrina Castellanos     21) Isabella Larson



Rides must be here at 4:50 or players must get on the bus.  Parents and players, have a bus stop already planned for in the event your ride is running late. Buses leave at 5 sharp.  Know your cross streets and address.


                             Tentative Girls Spring 2022 Season. 


   Girls Soccer, Softball and Baseball Schedule

Those that make the team will practice and be evaluated daily. In addition, those that are on the team are not guaranteed playing time but must earn it, on the field and academically. Due to the large team size many will not play every game and this means a few players can go a couple of games with-out playing.  

Virginia High School Rules Apply to Players about Grades on Report Card 

Players Must Dress Out and Participate in PE to Practice and Play

Practice and Game Schedule on the Calendar Page

**** No Activity Bus on Monday or Friday

Concussion Training at Saunders

Concussion Training 2021-22 School Year are on line or at other Middle Schools.

Annual Concussion Education Training before Tryouts

Remember, Parents and Student Athletes Must Take Annual Concussion Education Training before Sports Tryouts

All student athletes and their parents or guardians are required to complete an annual Concussion Training session before being allowed to try out for any PWCS interscholastic sport, as mandated by state law.

All middle and high schools have scheduled concussion training sessions for all parents and students beginning in June 2016. Students and their parent/guardian have two ways to receive this concussion training.

Face-to-Face Training

  • Middle school parents and students who are trying out for a sport for their first time in middle school or are new to Prince William County Public Schools, must attend a face to face concussion training at their respective school.
  • High school parents and students who are entering ninth grade and trying out for a sport for their first time in high school or are new to Prince William County Public schools, must attend a face to face concussion training at their respective school.

Online Training

Parents and students who have previously participated in face-to-face concussion training are eligible to complete the online training to meet the concussion training requirements. 

Visit the PWCS Athletics Page for additional information.

Please ensure that once you make the team both you and your parents become members on the FUSION PAGE.

 The Fusion Page will be updated as cancellations and rescheduling occur.


Cost to Attend Games: Adults 18 and older if not in a PWCS cost $2. MS Students $1 and Elementary and
Pre-School $.50.

Major Differences Between Club and School Ball:

Middle School uses the High School Rule Book, so you will see subbing on the corner by the team taking the kick and the other team if the team taking the kick is subbing. Players had to be on the midfield line prior to the play.

Games are 30 minutes long and the ball is a size 5 where as most 6th graders are using a size 4.

RED CARDS: Red Cards are reviewed by the AD, Coach and Principals.  Sportsmanship/Fair Play Red Cards can result in an additional one to two games, removal from the team and normally require a written statement and/or apology if the Card was for Sportsmanship/Fair Play.

PLAY TIME: Most Club Teams require everyone to play a given amount of time. Travel Players know that coaches normally parcel out play time and everyone plays some time.  School Soccer has no requirements to play everyone.
Normally if the game is a Blow Out either way players will be rotated in pretty often so everyone can get some minutes. It is not uncommon some players not to receive major playing time.  Learn the formations, set pieces and normally your playing time increases each year.  Again like Last Year we have some strong new players that will bump play time for returning players.

Running Up The Score/Hat Tricks:  No one likes to lose by a blow-outThus unless the score is close, if you have a hat-trick you normally sit the bench or go to defense.

JUST REMEMBER THIS: Play for the name on the FRONT of your Jersey not the Name on the Back of Your Jersey. 

Team Results



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Bryan Baroz
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