Saunders Ecology Sporax Club

Cheryl Phillips

Tawanna Taylor


Club Permission Slip 
Download, sing, hand into Ms. Phillips - Room 1420

Ecology Club will meet once a month after school in room 2023 until 4:45 p.m. We usually meet on the “First Thursday” of each month. Our first meeting this year is November 8, 2018, 3:00 in 1423. We will learn about gardening, recycling all sorts of materials, sustainability and green living. We also oversee the recycling efforts in our school.


To gain an understanding of our environment and our place in it

To be actively, physically and spiritually involved with nature

To improve the natural environment

GOALS & Activities:  To connect with nature through positive learning experiences which will benefit ourselves, our environment and wildlife in our community.

  • To help protect and preserve wildlife - Make feeders for our birds this winter
  • To develop and enhance our mental and physical skills- Clean up Courtyard to prepare for Adding Butterfly Garden in the Spring
  • To lessen our negative impact on the environment- Audit Classrooms and collect recycling – Field Trip to Landfill
  • To teach others about what we have learned; Make a Public Service Video, Plan activity for Earth Day
  • To provide a service to our community-Drop of Your Plastic Bags Recycling Day