3/30/2020 update
Here are some resources you can use this week to review objectives that we already covered in class this year.

Our class code for https://www.flocabulary.com/ is CJP65F.  Join the class and check out the resources I've selected for our class on sentence fragments, run-ons, and subject/predicate.

Check out the link below for information from our school librarians.

Check out the variety of resources that Scholastic has to offer.  They've posted texts and activities at a variety of levels.

3/23/2020 update
I want to start by saying that I miss seeing you in class every day and I hope that everyone at your house is healthy and safe.  Please don't hesitate to email me (brownmx@pwcs.edu) with any questions you have or anything I can help with during this unusual time.

The 8th grade Language Arts curriculum is guided by reading, writing, and grammar targets, which we work on in different ways throughout the year.  Our Writing 8 SOL was administered on March 10 & 12, and we have finished formal writing and grammar instruction for the year.  The plan was to focus on reading targets for the rest of the year using 3 different genres: novels, poetry, and non-traditional readings (instruction manuals, flyers, etc.).

When the time comes to work on new topics, I will be using Google Classroom and will keep you updated through email with instructions and resources you may need.

Teachers have been directed not to assign any new work at this time.  Here are the best ways to practice and review what we've done so far this year:

READ:  Read something you enjoy every day for at least 30 minutes.

WRITE:  We're going through an unprecedented time in our community (and the world).  Keep a journal of how your life is changing, facts about the news, your thoughts, your daily activities, and anything else that you want to put on the page.  Writing is one of the best ways to help manage the uncertainty of a new situation.

Take good care of yourself!