Parents and Students,
May 7th
I am sorry about last Friday and the problems with Zoom.  I deleted all meeting and recreated them.  The Id and Password for Friday 5/8 are listed below.  Parents I am still trying to find out how to send you the link for the webinar on how to use online textbook.  If you just want to go in and look around, here are the following steps.
Students logs into office account
Hits waffle
Chooses Clever 
Chooses Big Books

April 30
Parents and Students, I have reached out through e-mail to all my students that I had this year.  Technically I am only responsible for Quarter 3 students, but I wanted to let all my parents and students know that I am available to help them in anyway I can.

I will be having zoom meetings every Friday, the ID will change every week so check here for the correct number.  This meeting is open to any student regardless of what quarter you had me as a teacher.  You can join to ask questions or just let me know how you are doing

Grade                    Id                      Password           Time

6th Grade          853-1828-9149            6than             1:30-2:00 pm

7th Grade          978-8155-7211            7than             2:00-2:30 pm

8th Grade          964-9711-2785            8than             2:30-3:00 pm

I look forward to continuing working with you on basic math skills.  I will focus on activities that you can use to improve your basic number sense.  The first couple of activities will be appropriate for all grade levels and can be found under files and documents.  Files are numbered in the order you should review them.  The place value activities are appropriate for grades 4-8th.  It is important for students to be able to read and understand numbers before they move on to the next activity.

Parents and Students none of my activities are required.  I do not give grades.  My job is to support you in anyway I can.  Please choose the activities that you feel will help you the most.  If it is something you have already mastered, move on to something else.  If you have younger siblings, many of these activities you can use to help them.

If there is work, you students has done that you would like me to review and give feedback please feel free to send it to my e-mail.  If you need any suggestions for specific activities please reach out to me, I will be happy to send some to you.


Stay Safe  

Students have an awesome summer, practice your multiplication facts and remember that IXL is still available to you over the summer.

Math Support is a safe environment for students to receive additional math support.  Students will be learning to develop a better number sense and higher cognitive thinking.  We will be focusing on how all math processes are interrelated and how to be a better problem solver.  It is also a place to ask any questions about what they are do in their math class.