We hope you all are doing well as we face this challenge together. Here is our optional plan for the remainder of the school year: 4th quarter plan of action Everything we've learned this year in Civics and Economics is at the forefront of our daily lives. Stay safe and feel free to email us with Civics or non Civics related things!

             - Mrs. DeFelice, Mrs. Williams and Mr. Marvin

Here's just a snippet of the standards we've covered this year: 

The Constitution (CE2) allows the President to declare a national emergency (CE6) which gives Congress (CE6) permission to free up funds to pump into the economy. Because we have a mixed market (CE11) the government can step in and help people when there is a crisis, like a pandemic (CE10). Right now, we have Democrats and Republicans (CE5) working together in Congress to create a plan to help us through this stressful time. Businesses (CE12) are making tough decisions to close or limit hours open to increase the health of citizens. As a citizen (CE3), it is our responsibility to keep informed about what is going on and to help those who can’t help themselves, like the elderly. We also had the Governor (CE7) declare all schools closed for two weeks based on reducing the spread of COVID19. Dr. Walts was able to make the decision on a local level (CE8) to shut down schools for an extended amount of time. We are finding all of this out through the media (CE5) and by reading information put out through government agencies (CE13). The Federal Reserve (CE13) just lowered the interest rates to help cushion the economy because people won't be spending as much in the circular flow of money (CE12).