Saunders Middle School Counseling Center 

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Belief Statement

At Saunders Middle School it is believed that every child is unique and deserves equitable access to the School Counseling Program and its resources.  The Saunders Middle School Counseling Department understands the importance of developing a collaborative relationship with students, parents, and staff members to facilitate a comprehensive school counseling program that supports all students’ growth and learning goals. 

Our comprehensive school counseling program is executed through well designed guidance lessons, group and individual counseling sessions and response services consistently focused on measurable prevention and intervention goals targeting our student’s overall academic success.   Counselors will be purposeful in the collection and analysis of data to accurately drive all components of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Model.  Using scholarly and action based research, counselors are committed to provide effective services while holding themselves to high personal, professional, and ethical standards as governed by the American School Counselor Association, the American Counselor Association, and the Prince William County Student Services Department.  The Saunders Middle School Counseling Program is managed by the Director of School Counseling and all components of the program are carried out in a collaborative effort by all Professional School Counselors on site.  

Together, with the assistance of the school social worker, psychologist, nurse, and the school administrative team; the school counseling department maximizes available resources to provide wrap around services and support for all students.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Saunders Middle School Counseling Program is to work collaboratively with all educational stakeholders to provide a high quality, comprehensive school counseling program designed to meet the diverse academic, social, career, and personal needs of all students.  Through the incorporation of a well-planned, timely, and data driven intervention system, the Saunders Middle School Professional Counselors will advocate for each student learner, enhance the overall learning experience, close achievement gaps, and develop quality individuals capable of acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become effective, respectful, and responsible contributors to society.  

Vision Statement

At Saunders Middle School, we envision an academic community where students will grow to consider school as a privilege and an opportunity to invest in their future.  At Saunders, the school counseling department seeks to maximize the development of every student.  We strive to support the academic, career, and social needs of all students and to devote our time and resources towards developing the skills and knowledge necessary for students to take ownership of their choices and their future.