6th, 7th & 8th Grade ESOL             Mrs. Horton & Mr. Terrell

Welcome Back to School!!
Your Saunders Family is ready for you.  

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Achieve 3000

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COVID-19 Closure


Hello Students & Families,

As we are out of school, know that we miss you, our classroom community, and our time together.  We care about you and want you to stay healthy and safe during this time.  We are here for during this time and if you need anything please email us at hortonja@pwcs.eduor armstrmp@pwcs.edu

In order to keep you clearly informed, we are providing a snapshot of our learning for the year, what we have already covered, what is coming next, and some activities that students can work on this week (3/23 – 3/27), and a statement about any assignments that were coming up when we left. 

ESOL Curriculum is guided by WIDA standards to facilitate student growth in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening and we target each one of these in every class through differentiated instructional activities targeted at student level.  Learning activities include group, partner and  independent practice.  We worked very hard and students learned a lot!!


ACCESS testing began in February 2020 and all of our ESOL students completed their final ACCESS test for the year before our COVID-19 dismissal.  

When the time comes to begin focusing on new targets, we will review all targets covered before introducing new instruction.

FOR NOW: PWCS Guidance directs that there will not be any new assignments or graded work at this time.  Best way for students to practice/review from what we have learned so far:

every day for 30 minutes if possible. This is the best thing you can do for your academic, social and mental health.

WRITE. You are experiencing a time that has never happened in our world before. Keep a journal of what is happening and your thoughts, observations, questions and concerns. You are a living primary source right now. If you’re interested, there is a journal set up for you in Seesaw to share your thoughts.

Achieve 3000 https://www.achieve3000.com/
Google Classroom (login through Clever)
Newslea.com (login through Clever) or https://newsela.com/signin
NoRedInk.com https://www.noredink.com/login
Action Scholastic (login through Clever)
Flocabulary (login through Clever)


We are here for you, and we hope each and every one of you stay healthy and safe while we are out.  

Deepest thoughts & smiles for you,

Mrs. Horton & Mrs. Armstrong


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Dear Students and Families, 
     As we are out of school due to COVID-19 please rest and enjoy this time with your family.  We hope you will take advantage of this time to read...read...read!!  We will be doing the same.  We will send your assignments and specific information about what you can work on during this time through your Office 365 email account. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.   

Mrs.Horton & Mrs.Armstrong

Saunders ESOL Department

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