I hope everyone is safe and following all precautions to remain healthy.  Those who are renting instruments from the school, please keep them until further notice.  Those who are renting instruments from music stores, please keep them until June if possible.  All PWCS are closed for the remainder of the school year; therefore, instruments currently in the bandroom will have to remain there until further notice.

If you have your instrument, this is a great time to practice:
1. Long tones (all grade levels)
2. The Two Octave Chromatic Scale (7th & 8th graders)
3. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do (6th graders)
4. 7th & 8th grade percussionists: All rudiments
5. 6th grade percussionists: Single, Doubles, Triples, Triplets, Drum Roll

Continue to check this webpage for band updates, and the PWCS website for county-wide updates.  Miss you guys!

Mr. Wilcher


Thank you for choosing band!!!
Band is a fun and exciting way to gain many valuable skills for life. I hope to instill upon each student the value of hard work, dedication and teamwork. Individual success leads to team success. Please feel free to contact me any time at
Mr. Wilcher's Top 5
Your support at home is so crucial to your child’s success at school.
Here’s how you can help to ensure your child's maximum success!

  1. Set a time for your child to practice everyday.
  2. Ask your child to play for you what they've practiced.
  3. Listen for general improvement.
  4. Allow your child to watch professional tutorials on Youtube.
  5. Consider having your child take private lessons.

What do you need to bring to class?
6th Grade Beginners - Please do not rent or purchase any instrument until Mr. Wilcher has sent home his recommendation for the instrument you will learn to play. Until then, please bring a pencil and your agenda (agendas are provided by school). 

7th & 8th Graders - Instruments are needed by the second week of school.  Save yourself some time, go to the music store and get your instrument now.

2019/20 Saunders Band Events Calendar