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Free Rice


The Grammar Aquarium 
Grammar notes, online and handout exercises for EFL and ESL 

Word Games

  • Literary Elements Map Focus on the key elements of a story: character, setting, conflict and resolution.


  • Word Mover I t is easy to be a poet with this online magnetic word board.



  • Building a Better Vocabulary Build your vocabulary muscles with these online quizzes.


  • Vocabulary Context Quiz - Expert Word List  Improve your vocabulary context skills.

  • Free Rice - English Vocabulary Choose the correct word and earn rice for the United Nations World Food Program.


  • VocabAhead Study Room Select a word, watch the video and then take the quiz.

  • Tagxedo
    Tagxedo is a word cloud app with style! Tagxedo provides a good deal of customization for users. For exampleif teachers or students want to create a word cloud in a shape like Lincoln's head, then Tagxedo is the right tool for the job. For younger students, Wordle is much more straightforward to use; however, older students will love the customization Tagxedo provides which includes colors, shapes, fonts, and themes. (need to install Siverlight on computer to work) 

  • Wordle (Teachers love this too!)
    Type (or copy & paste) in a chunk of text or individual words and Wordle generates a word cloud of the key vocabulary based on word frequency. Wordle can also be used for many varied purposes – check out these 52 ideas for using Wordle to support learning.

  • Word Hippo
    An all-in-one reference tool, Word Hippo does the following: defines a word, provides a meaning, provides a word that is opposite, pronounces a word, provides rhyming words, places the word in many different contexts, and translates the word. Whew! That’s a lot.

    Wordnik has the look and feel of a traditional dictionary with a twist. Along with the definition, students can see images related to the word, hear related sounds, and even see tweets with the target word highlighted. The “related words” feature is particularly helpful. Wordnik also features a “Word of the Day,” “Random Words,” and pronunciations of words.

  • Lexipedia
    An awesome visual thesaurus!  Simple to use. Just type in any word and Lexipedia instantly displays the target word along with other words. It also color-codes the words by both parts of speech and relationships. As you hover over a word, a complete definition is displayed.

  • Padlet
    Padlet is an online space to create a collaborative, digital word wall.  Padlet allows users to create sticky notes that can include text, images, links and videos. 

Writing / Spelling

  • Types of Text  Identify different text types and why they are written in different ways.

  • I Made a Cup of Tea - Great site to teach students how to elaborate. This site demonstrates how one sentence can be transformed into an entire paragraph about making tea. Very cool! 

  • Letter Generator Identify all the essential parts of a letter, and then geneartor your own.


  • Literary Graffiti  Draw a picture to go with something you are reading. And then explain your drawing.


  • Diamante Poems Write your own diamond shaped poem.


  • Plural Fishing Go fishing with the gnomes to practice plural spelling rules.


  • ReadWriteThink Printing Press This online tool can help you create newspapers, brochures, flyers, and booklets.


Grammar Games