Need Help or Extra Time to Work Quietly?  
I am available and happy to stay after school so that my students may receive help/remediation, extra time to work on an assignment, or complete retakes.  Students who would like to stay need to give me TWO DAYS NOTICE (not the day of) so that we can arrange a day that works. Students MAY NOT stay after unless they have previously arranged a time with me. 
***The activity bus leaves at 5:00 on Tuesday and Thursdays and 4:30pm on Wednesdays.  Students must be picked up by this time or they MUST ride the activity bus home.  Please ensure your student knows which bus he/she rides (Dale City or Montclair).  

 Assignment retakes are available to ALL students, for any assignment, upon request.  Before completing a retake, students will need to demonstrate that they have worked to improve their understanding of the targets in some way. 

Safety & Sanitation Retakes for 6th & 8th Grade: 
Students are required to score a 90% or above in order to participate in cooking labs.  Students will be permitted to retake the Safety & Sanitation Test NO MORE THAN TWO TIMES.  Students who wish to retake this assessment will be given a remediation assignment to help them study and demonstrate that they have put effort into and taken responsibility for their learning, as the pacing and short-time frame for our course does not allow for remediation in class.  This assignment must be complete and shown to me at the time of the retake.  Students will not be permitted to retake if they do not have the remediation assignment. 

*For 6th and 8th Grade Cooking Labs: If students need/wish to retake a Cooking Lab assignment, he/she will be given an alternative assignment as a retake.  This alternative assignment will assess the same targets that were assessed during the food lab, but in a different format.