**STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO CHANGE INTO ATHLETIC CLOTHING FOR PE CLASS. ACCEPTABLE CLOTHING INCLUDES: Shorts, Joggers, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, or long sleeve shirts, & legging under the shorts of the students.

**UNACCEPTABLE CLOTHING(per school rules): Leggings(for outerwear), spandex, tight fit clothing, shorts not finger tip length.

Online Virtual Documents:
Activity Logs
Saunders Warm-Up

Strength & Core Workouts: (Fitness Blender) (Relentless Muscle) (Dumbbells needed) (Healthynomics)  (HASfit)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Workouts): (The Body Coach) (Full body HITT) (30 min SELF HITT Video) (Zumba HIIT Expert) (Dumbbell Fitness)

YOGA/Meditation Videos: (15 min beginner stretch) (Yoga w/ Adriene) (Yoga w/ Adriene pt.2) (Yoga w/ Kassandra) (Yoga w/ Kassandra pt.2)

CPR Info Lesson/Module: 


Health Class Rotation Schedule (7th/8th Grade)

7th Grade Health Assignments
Fitness Notes
Fitness Worksheet

8th Grade Health Assignments
Disease and the Body Notes
Disease and the Body Worksheet
Disease and the Body Study Guide (Fill-in)