Announcement from Ms. Rad--March 26th, 2020

Students and parents, 
Let me start by saying we are truly living in uncharted territory here! As I'm sure you all know at this point, we will not be returning to the classroom until the fall. I miss all my students very much and I hope you're all adjusting well to your new schedules at home. We have been asked to provide some context on learning targets that we have already covered and begin a tentative plan of action for the rest of the year. In 6th grade, our targets are all focused on reading and improving literacy skills within a range of different genres.

In the beginning of the year, we focused heavily on elements of plot and fiction. As a class, we created and reviewed various plot diagrams on short stories we read. Additionally, we learned about text features in nonfiction literature and focused on the differences between fiction and nonfiction works. We also learned about characterization, cause and effect, and making inferences throughout the first and second quarter. We began our class novels in the third quarter and completed comprehension worksheets with each section of the book. My 1st period class began "Fever 1793", my 2nd and 5th period began "The One and Only Ivan", and my 6th period class began "Elijah of Buxton". I am working to see if there is any way I can give you all access to these books so your students can finish them on their own at home! 

If you go to the "Files and Documents" section of my class page, you will find the powerpoints we used for each quarter and the assignments
we completed for them. You will also find copies of any short stories we read during each quarter. These files only serve as review and do not need to be completed by students since we have already completed all these assignments. Under "Third Nine Weeks" you will find a file titled "Novel Worksheets". These are all the worksheets we completed together as a class by section. The section titled "A Little Extra" contains multiple resources that you may review with your student for extra practice and an snapshot of the SOL concepts we would have covered in the last few months of school.

We have been instructed to not assign students any new graded assignments, but there are always things you can be working on at home! I have compiled a list of my own personal recommendations for how students can continue their Language Arts education at home: 

  1. READ! I cannot stress this one enough! Read whenever and however you can. has made hundreds of titles available for free to listen to at your convenience. 
  2. WRITE! I recommend keeping a journal and writing at least once a day. The fun thing about keeping a journal is that you can decide whatever you write. Write about how you're feeling, what you're reading about, poems, opinions, etc.
  3. This website is one of my favorites.  Donate 10 grains of rice for each question you answer correctly to the World Food Program to help end hunger. There is a category for English grammar and English vocabulary!
  4. Here are some fun word games for 6th graders on!
  5. Semantris is a really cool Google AI game that words with word association and language acquisition for all ages!
  6. And here's just a few more word games to play!
  7. is a great resource to read nonfiction articles.  You can use CLEVER to sign in.
  8. is a great resource to practice grammar skills.  

As the county begins to make more decisions about continuing education, I will be in touch with you all as much as possible. We all appreciate your immense support and patience during this time. I am always available through email: if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Don't forget that we are all part of a team and we are always #spartanstrong!