I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! As we begin our remote learning, this page will be regularly updated.


I have set up Google Classroom links for every class. Your student should go to classroom.google.com, log into their wething.org account provided from school and enter in their class code. The codes are as follows:

Ext. Language Arts (1st Period): jl4r5xk
Writing (2nd Period): lp4brx2
Writing (3rd Period): jxaytcn
Ext. Language Arts (4th Period): usbbm3o
Writing (5th Period): dzr7rdo

Extended Language Arts:

Letter to Language Arts Students and Families.pdf

Under the "Target Calendar" tab, you can find lists of everything that has been covered by month. I have also made a sheet detailing what has and has not been covered here: 

Standards Covered- Ext. Language Arts.pdf

Students are encouraged (but not required) to keep working on their research project. If a student has an NHI for the novel study project, they can still make that up! The rubric and choice board are located in Files and Documents, under the folder marked "Novel Study Project". Furthermore, my Google Classroom will be updated with writing prompts and activities for students to work on.


Letter to Writing Students and Families.pdf

In the above letter, you can find the targets that were covered by seventh grade students as well as some suggestions for further practice and review. I would encourage students to free write and journal during this time, as well as use NoRedInk to work on their grammar skills! My Google Classroom link will also have small writing prompts and activities for students to work on.

Extra Support/Review:

These links can help with previous topics! Further review materials/previous assignments can be found under Files and Documents: