I'm very excited to start my 9th year as part of the 8th grade Language Arts team at Saunders Middle School, where I will also serve as the Language Arts department chair and as a coach for the Saunders baseball team. As a proud alumni of this very school, I have a vested interest in the students, the school, and the community.  I believe that with strong relationships, high expectations, and a nurturing environment, any student can be successful.  Additionally, it is also my belief that all students can learn if given the right opportunities and settings to do so.  

My class follows the standards set forth by the VA Dept of Education Standards of Learning with a focus on communication, reading, writing, and research.  Students will be given opportunities to work with different forms of technology through-out the class in order to provide the technological experiences they need as 21st Century learners.

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The Saunders Middle School Vision and Mission Statement
Our Vision: Saunders is a professional community dedicated to working collaboratively in a productive and reflective manner to ensure student success.

Our Mission: In order to inspire student success, staff members, students and families will interact positively, motivate and encourage each other to achieve our best, and participate in on-going analysis so students become productive citizens and contributors in society.