March 24, 2020: Where we are now...

My dearest Spartan parents and students, what disconcerting times these are! But rest assured, we will get through them together. I have emailed you all with some specifics to keep us connected, and cerebrally active, during our separation. You can find a copy of that letter under "Files and Documents" on this class page, titled "Update/Resources". But as promised, below is a list of the learning targets we have covered thus far, and 
some suggestions for strengthening those skills.

8th Writing Targets:
W1: I can plan and prepare an essay with an audience and purpose in mind.
W2: I can draft an essay that is guided by a thesis statement and organized by topic sentences.
W3: I can use appropriate details and vocabulary that elaborate on my purpose and convey my tone.
W4: I can revise my essay to make sure it is on topic, and uses strong words, a variety of sentences, and good transitions.
W5: I can edit my essay for proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Strengthen these skills by:
* Daily Journal Writing
* Typing! (The SOL is computer based, typing is an important skill)
* Free write, about anything!
* (grammar practice)
* Check our Google classroom daily
* Need more ideas? Ask your teacher!

And always...Be safe, be kind.