Update-May 27
8th Graders -

Wow, we really miss you all!  We hope you all are doing well and staying safe.  As we head towards the end of the year, the 8th grade teachers are working on ways to celebrate you and your accomplishments, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We want you to answer this question on a piece of paper, in less than one sentence (just a few words would be great)...
What Does Saunders Mean To You?  

Take a selfie of yourself holding the sign, and email it to: WhatSaundersMeans@WEthing.org

These pictures will be used as we work on our goodbyes, so please get all pictures emailed by Friday, June 5th! 
Update-April 19th

Hello Spartan family!
I hope the first week of eLearning went well for you! Last week, the Language Arts teachers posted a video lecture on Google Classroom, which discussed your class novel and the author for our fourth quarter unit. In addition, you were asked to read two chapters of the novel and complete a brief reading target activity with those chapters. Thank you so much to those of you who participated. I hope you've enjoyed the beginning of our eLearning novel unit! On Monday, 4/20/2020, the instructional hours for Language Arts will be divided into three sections in order to provide time for discussion on your novel! From 8:30 to 9:00, Language Arts courses (reading The Outsiders) may connect to the virtual video chat at....(copy and paste link)  
Phone: +1 224-541-0555  PIN: 218 822 311#
...to have a discussion on the first two chapters, the target activities, and your upcoming assignment for this week.
From 9:00 to 9:30, the extended classes (reading The Giver) are being asked to record a quick Flip Grid video of their thoughts on the first two chapters to share with your teacher and peers! The link can be found here: (remember to login using your @wething accounts!) https://flipgrid.com/c49dbf29
Because I also teach a writing class, from 9:30 to 10:00, this time will be designated to Google classroom comments and discussion via email for any questions on the assignments offered thus far since the school closure as well as e-learning assignments moving forward!
As a reminder, office hours will occur between 12:00 and 1:30 on Mondays. Please reach out to me for any questions or concerns regarding grades. Office hours will be used to update grades in the gradebook, have more discussions one-on-one with parents/students, and allow the teacher time to provide needed feedback for the assignments thus far! 
Most importantly, in this entire process, please continue to stay safe and healthy. As always, let me know if you need absolutely anything!
-Miss Wallace

March 23rd, 2020 - A Message From Miss Wallace

Hello Everyone!  First, let me start by saying how much I miss all of you.  I hope you all know how much I care about you and want you to stay safe, healthy, and happy during this time.  I am here for you for anything that may come up, just send me an email at wallacvn@pwcs.edu -

To ensure maximum communication, we were asked to provide a snapshot of our learning plan for the year, what we have already covered and what will be covered next, some activities that students can work on to review this week (3/23-3/27), and a statement about any assignments/projects that were pending when we left.   -

In 8th Grade Language Arts, the curriculum is guided by READING, WRITING, and GRAMMAR targets, which we hit every class period in some manner (Please see a copy of my targets on this website for specific learning targets)  We started the year practicing the reading targets through short stories. We then pivoted our main focus to the writing and grammar targets as we prepared for the Writing SOL. Our Writing SOL was administered on 3/10 and 3/12 and we are done with formal writing and grammar instruction this year.  We will still continue to practice writing targets but the instruction focus turns back to reading. Our goal for the rest of the year was to practice with these reading targets in 3 different genres: novels, non-traditional readings (instruction manuals, flyers, etc), and poetry.   -

When the time comes to begin focusing on new topics, we will work on the reading targets within these three genres, most likely focusing on novels to begin with. When these assignments start, I will be utilizing Google Classroom and will keep up updated via email with any instructions/directions and resources you may need.  -

Per PWCS guidance, there is not to be any new assignments or graded work assigned at this time.  Here are the the best ways to practice/review from what we have gone over so far:



We ended our Writing Unit on March 12th, and therefore have no new assignments, projects, or instruction.  Gradebooks are being updated to show grades for any assignments turned in late for our writing unit. These assignments had a final due date (due to the Writing SOL being 3/10 and 3/12) of February 28th.  For any assignment with an NHI, a student may still complete it and turn it in to remove the NHI.

We are all in this together and my hope is for each one of you to stay healthy and safe while we are out.  
Here are some links to continue learning:

Flip Grid: As mentioned in a previous email- the best way to learn is by READING! Share with the LA teachers and your peers what you're reading during this COVID-19 chaos!

Digital Library!  Covid-19 is just providing us with MORE TIME TO READ! Click the link below for information/help from our fabulous Librarians!


Google Classroom: Feel free to jump on there using your we.thing credentials and complete the newest question! Use those writing skills learned thus far this year! For fun, open a new document on your own and write a story, create daily journal entries, write a letter to a friend, your teacher, a poem, etc. Get creative! Use this COVID-19 pandemic to your benefit and use this extra time to WRITE! 

Scholastic resources: Check out all the cool "stuff" Scholastic has to offer- at various grade levels! 

Kelly Gallagher resources:  Mr. Gallagher is a "teacher, author, speaker, coach- dedicated to helping students becoming better readers and writers"!  Check out his site for additional resources! He also posts weekly Articles if you're up for a reading challenge!

NoRedInk-this is a site the students have been using this year for both writing skills and grammar. Feel free to pop on here and complete any extra practice activities you may not have finished this year! You are STILL Grammar Gurus! Use your personalized log in, if you forget your information, just email me! There's a persuasive essay topic there for you, if you'd like to keep working on those writing skills!  It's called, "COVID-19 Persuasive Essay"