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Welcome back Spartans! I am super excited to begin a new year with you all! This is my fourth year teaching at Saunders and my 8th year teaching overall. I'm ready for a great year full of learning and laughter! As we continue our journey together, I ask that you keep an eye out on The Hub (gradebook) to stay in-the-know with our spectacular Spartans' academic work, browse my WebPage and its resources as the year continues and information is posted (as well as our 8th Grade Language Arts homepage), check your emails as I send updates about our class happenings, and reach out whenever you have questions, concerns, or celebrations regarding our students! I am looking forward to our year together! In addition to teaching 8th grade, I also have the pleasure of teaching a 7th Grade Writing class this year, as well as advising the Student Council Association!  

~Mrs. Repass

"Stay Gold"
 ~"Stay Gold" - Johnny Cade , The Outsiders ~

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Updates and Announcements

Language Arts update for the week of April 20-24

Hello Fabulous Spartan Family!

I hope the first week of E-Learning went well for you! Last week the Language Arts teachers posted a video lecture for your viewing pleasure which discussed your novel and the author for our fourth quarter unit. In addition, you were asked to read two chapters of the novel and complete a brief reading target activity with those chapters. Thank you so much to those of you who participated, I hope you've enjoyed the beginning of our e-learning novel unit! On Monday, 4/20/2020, the instructional hours for Language Arts will be divided into three sections in order to provide time for discussion on your novel and time for my writing class! From 8:30 to 9:00, Language Arts courses may connect to the virtual video chat at....

(click link)  https://meet.google.com/rhn-uckq-pnd 
Phone: +1 224-541-0555  PIN: 218 822 311#

...to have a discussion on the first two chapters, the target activities, and your upcoming assignment for this week. 

From 9:00 to 9:30, the Extended classes are being asked to record a quick Flip Grid video of their thoughts on the first two chapters to share with your teacher and your peers! The link can be found on Flip Grid (remember to login using your Google accounts!) https://flipgrid.com/c49dbf29 

Because I also teach a writing class, from 9:30 to 10:00, this time will be designated for Google classroom comments and discussion, as well as via email conversations, for any questions on the assignments offered thus far since the school closure and for our e-learning assignments moving forward! 

As a reminder for office hours for LA/Writing courses, which will occur between 12:00 and 1:30 on Mondays, please reach out to your teacher for any questions, concerns, celebrations etc. Office hours this week will be used to update grades in the gradebook. The purpose of office hours are also to have discussions more one-on-one with parents / students and the teacher via email, and allow the teacher time to provide needed feedback for the assignments thus far!

Most importantly through this entire process, please continue to stay safe and healthy. 

As always, let us (any of your teachers) know if you need absolutely anything! 

*message sent home via email on 3/24/2020  to all 8th grade Lang. Arts classes*

Hey Y’all! 

Goodness do I miss seeing all your faces every day! As you know, the governor has closed schools for the remainder of the year. However, PWCS is continuing to work on our next steps. As I am unsure of where we go from here, I wanted to reach out to you all with some information. First and foremost, please make sure you are practicing social distancing and you are remaining healthy and safe! During this closure, use it as a time to refresh, reiterate skills learned thus far, and prepare for high school... and try not to miss me too much! :)   

Per PWCS guidance, there is not to be any new assignments or graded work assigned at this time. As much as we all love video games, playing on our cell phones, and watching Netflix, this is not a time to sit around and waste valuable learning opportunities from home! Have your parents teach you an old family recipe, help your siblings learn a new skill, or be like me, and get some extra snuggles, play time, and teaching the doggies new tricks! Learning life skills are just as important as academic!  Speaking of academics… I do want to send some suggestions on what you can do to keep those brains active in our Language Arts world! Let me know how it’s going!

  • Read, every day, for at least 30 minutes a day. This is the best thing you can do for your academic, social, and mental health. 
  • Write.  This is an unprecedented time you are experiencing.  Keep a journal of how your life is changing, facts about the news (the latest mandates, etc.) your thoughts, your activities, and anything else that you find important enough to write on the page.  Writing is one of the best ways to help manage a new situation.
  • Newsela.com and NoRedInk.com are two of the best online resources we have for extra reading, writing, and grammar practice. 

In addition, here are two OPTIONAL assignments for students who wish to connect more directly with me and their classmates.  

  • FlipGrid: What Am I Reading?
    • Remember we did those fun videos at the beginning of the year about the best book you ever read?! Well, post a short video highlighting the book(s) you are currently reading during this closure. You will have to sign into the site using the same credentials you use for Google Classroom. Watch other videos that have been posted to get ideas for books you may want to read next! 
    • https://flipgrid.com/4f3af504
  • Google Classroom Writing Response: “What's your favorite moment from this year together?”
    • Students can answer the question using their writing and grammar skills learned thus far this year! This is a chance to reflect on our time together and embrace the positive moments! With all this chaos in the world, it’s important to remember the good times and embrace the joy from our class!

We ended our Writing Unit on March 12th, and therefore have no outstanding assignments, projects, or instruction that need to be tied up.  Gradebooks are being finalized to show grades for any assignments turned in late for our writing unit. These assignments had a final due date (due to the Writing SOL being 3/10 and 3/12) of February 28th. For any assignment with an NHI, a student may still complete it and turn it in to remove the NHI via photograph on email or Google Classroom.

I am unsure if/when Writing SOL scores will be sent out, If/when I receive them, I will be sure to communicate that with you all!

We are all in this together and my hope is for each one of you to stay happy, healthy and safe. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Repass

7th Grade Writing Update: Letter sent home via email  on 3/24/2020- Click here