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(A Computer-Based Reading Program)

Achieve 3000 provides the only state-customized, patented literacy platform for grades PreK-12 and adult education that reaches all students at their individual reading levels with grade-appropriate content in English and Spanish to accelerate student learning and improve high-stakes test performance.

Achieve 3000 offers a blended learning instructional model that provides the perfect balance of independent student work and teacher-led direct instruction to accelerate students’ reading abilities and improve literacy skills. Access is available anywhere, anytime and on any device – online and offline.

Built-in summative and formative assessments identify student needs, automatically inform instruction and provide data to accelerate student growth toward college and career benchmarks, all without taking away from instructional time.

**Students are required to complete at least two (2) articles per week at home  with a grade of 75% or better on the first try.

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