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Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Here is some information for you about our curriculum, and what you can do while you are at home for review. 

These are the units we have worked on this year: 

Unit 1 - Ratios and Proportions

Unit 2 - Number Sense and Fractions Decimals & Percents

Unit 3 - Integers

Unit 4 - Fractions and Problem Solving 

Unit 5 - Equations and Inequalities

Unit 6 - Measurement and Geometry this is our current unit.  We have already completed the Coordinate Plane and Geometry sections of this unit. We are learning the Measurement section now, which is Area of rectangle, square, triangle, circle, and Circumference of a Circle. We learned it all, but we were going to practice more with Area of a Circle. You can do this by completing the current IXL Assignment. 

Unit 7 - Statistics 6.10, 6.11, 7.9
 - this is the last unit in the 6th grade curriculum. In this unit, we learn more about mean, median, mode and range, and graphs. I am waiting for direction from the county before providing an IXL assignment, but you can access these sections on IXL by going to the SOL tab and entering the SOL #.

JLabs - Jefferson Labs (JLabs) are my favorite way for students to review the curriculum we have learned. I use these each year. It is a site to do practice quizzes of prior year SOL questions. When you get into the site, select Math 6 and how many questions you'd like for your quiz.  I suggest allowing about 20-30 minutes for 20 questions. You can do more or less. You can do as many of these quizzes as you like. The questions change as you add more prior years to your selection (under Select More Options).  Some of the prior year questions you may find that we have not learned in 6th grade, because the curriculum changes year to year. For example, Probability is no longer taught in 6th grade, but is taught in 5th grade and then again in 7th grade.  Do your best with this type of question, and remember, these quizzes will not go into your grade, so do not worry about getting questions wrong.  If you do get a question wrong, most of the questions provide the correct way to answer the question.  If you do more and more JLab's the questions will eventually repeat, and you should also see your scores increasing.  Go to: https://education.jlab.org/solquiz/

Please see the Math 6 website for the "IXL by Unit" for Units 1-6 for both Math 6 and Extended Math 6.  If you are in Math 6 and would like the enrichment, then please feel free to do the Extended assignments. 

Also on the Math 6 Content page is a tab called "Useful Links" which includes JLabs, DESMOS Calculator, and Math Open Reference. 

So, what should you do? Relax, be safe and enjoy your family. If you'd like, go on IXL to finish current and prior units. If you want more, I would suggest going as high as you can on each section we have worked on this year. If you already reached 100% on a section earlier in the year, then you can restart it any time. That is the perfect review. You can also do new sections that interest you, and other grade levels. It's all good and valuable!

Stay safe and healthy. I will be in touch again soon, and I look forward to seeing you when this is over!!! 


Welcome to our team, the Aqua Sharks!
Please bring your notebook and binder to class each day.  
IXL will help you master your targets - practice at least 1 hour per week at home.




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