Math 6
Math 6 Extended

The sixth grade math curriculum encompasses seven major units of study.   Students will gain an understanding of Ratios & Proportions; Fractions, Decimals, & Percents; Integers & Order of Operations; Equations & Inequalities; Problem Solving; Geometry & Measurement, and Statistics.  

While learning mathematics, students will actively engage in the use of hands-on materials  and appropriate technology.  Students will also apply mathematical concepts in the unit they are studying to real-life situations.  

Mathematics has its own language and the acquisition of vocabulary is crucial to a student's understanding.  Students will be encouraged to correctly use concepts, skills, symbols, and vocabulary that are unique to mathematics.    

Daily homework will rarely be given.  However, students are encouraged to use the linked websites, especially IXL, as well as their math notebook and other document to help them review and reinforce concepts taught in class.   I look forward to a wonderful school year!