I Love Math


Welcome to the 8th grade!  I am looking forward to working with your child this year.  This is my 16th year teaching.  I have been teaching in Prince William County for 14 years.  I previously taught in New York for 2 years. I have two boys.  Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.  I am looking forward to a great year.  Back to school night is Thursday September 12th. 
If students score a 70% or lower on any summative assessment, it is mandatory that the student sees me for remediation and extra support in order to complete the retake. The goal is for students to learn and master the targets

Week 1
Get to know each other activities. We started the first Unit of math (Number Sense).

Week 2 
The First Unit is Number Sense. We started working on perfect squares and square roots.  There will be a quick check at the end of the week

Week of September 9, 2019

This week we will be working on sorting numbers into classifications of the real number system.  Students will need to understand that a number can belong to several sets at once. Quick check Friday 9/13 or Monday 9/16 depending how far we get.
Back to School Night will be on Thursday September 12th at 7 pm.  

Week o
f September 16, 2019 

Quick check on Monday 9/16 on the Real Number System. This week we will begin working on a new unit called comparing and ordering numbers.  The students must be able to change fractions into decimals and the opposite.  They must also be able to change percents to decimals and then to fractions in lowest terms.  I don't think we will have an assessment this week because this is a very large topic.

Week of September 23, 2019
This week we are going to be doing much more on comparing and ordering numbers.  We will being using rational numbers and scientific notation to order numbers.  We will also point out uses for their science class as well. A quick check on Friday or Monday on comparing and ordering Numbers.  
Craig and Fred please make sure it is read by Wednesday. Author will be visiting Thursday.

Week of September 30th
This week we will focus on Percent portions and percent increase and decrease.  We will have a quick check the following week. 

The week of 10/7
Quick check on percent proportions and real life applications with proportions on Tuesday October 8th.  We will work on percent of change Thursday and Friday. 

OCTOBER 21st Garfield High School Specialty Programs 7-9 information regarding deadlines and applications.  

The Week of 10/14
Monday Teacher work day no students. Enjoy your day off. 
Tuesday and Wednesday practice with percent of change.  Thursday remediation from previous targets and retakes. Review for quick check on Friday 10/18 on percent of change (percent increase/decrease.

The week of 10/21
We will being working on discount, markup, tax, and tip this week.  

The week of 10/28
We will work on markup on Monday and Tuesday .Wednesday I will remediate and give a retake for percent of change .  Thursday review discount, markup, tax and tip. Friday a quick check on this target. 

The week of 11/04
No school for students Monday and Tuesday 
Notes on balancing a checkbook and practice on 
Wednesday and Thursday 
Friday Notes on Simple Interest 

The week of 11/11 Important Information
No school Monday
Please bring back field trip forms by Tuesday 11/12
Field trip is Thursday 11/14 Please dress nice
Friday is Career Day Please dress professionally 
Tuesday and Wednesday will continue to practice interest
Friday Quick check on Interest 

The week of 11/18
Order of operations Monday and Tuesday
Evaluating Expressions Wednesday and Thursday
Friday Review order of operations and evaluating expressions
Quick check Monday 11/25 on order of operations and evaluating expressions

The week of 11/25
Monday 11/25 order of operations and evaluating expressions quick check.  Tuesday remediation and retakes.
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Have a nice Holiday!

The week of 12/2
Identifying angles.  Finding the missing angle. Quick check Friday 12/6.  

The week of 12/9
We will start the Pythagorean Theorem on Monday 12/9. There will be a quick check towards the end of the following week.  

The week of 12/16
We will continue to work on the Pythagorean Theorem.  We will have a few videos on this concept.  Then we will be practicing word problems pertaining to the Pythagorean Theorem. There will be a quick check on Thursday December 19th. Friday will be any remediation from previous topics and retakes. 

The week of 1/6
Happy New Year!
Monday 1/6 we will review gain and finish our assessment on Pythagorean Theorem.
Tuesday we will start a new target on 3-D shapes.  I will update when we are ready for a quick check.
Quick Check Friday 1/10 on 3-D shapes for front, side, and top views.

The week of 1/13
Concussion Training Tuesday 1/14 at Saunders at 7 pm
Quick check Monday 1/13 on constructing a 3D model.
After quick will start notes on attributes of a rectangular prism. Wednesday any retakes if necessary .Thursday and Friday additional practice with attributes of a Rectangular Prism. Quick check Tuesday 1/21. No School Monday 1/20. 

The week of 1/20
No school Monday 1/20.
Quick check on Wednesday 1/22 on attributes of a rectangular Prism.  We will continue working on 3D shapes for a square pyramid and a cone.  We will have a quick check the following week. 

The week of 1/28/2020
No school on 1/27 Teacher work day
Practice volume and surface area for a cone and square pyramids.Quick check on Thursday.  Friday we will start composite shapes.  

The week of 2/3
Introduction to composite shapes. The students will find the area and perimeter of 2 dimensional shapes.  The quick check will be next week.  

The week of 2/10
Composite Shape Review Monday. Tuesday Quick check.  Thursday transformations reflections, dilations, and translations. Quick check on this target the following week.

The week of 2/17
Holiday Monday 2/17
We are focusing on transformations. Tuesday translations. Wednesday and Thursday practice with translations and reflections.  Friday notes and practice with dilations. Monday review on reflections, translations, and dilations. Tuesday 2/25 quick check on transformations.  

The week of 2/24 
Monday review on quizzez for a quick check on transformations on Tuesday.  Retakes Wednesday. Thursday combining like terms for equations on Thursday and Friday.  

The Week of 3/2
Monday one and two step equations. Tuesday no school. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday two step equations.  No quick check this week. 

The week of 3/9
Monday two step equations. Tuesday and Thursday Writing SOL. Wednesday and Friday field trip.  No quick check this week. Tentative date for quick check is 3/19 or 3/20.