Week of March 16
I want to let you know that we are preparing for the possibility that we may have to do some teaching online.  The way we have decided to do it is using something called Blendspace.  You will be sent an email from your school account that will contain a link.  Click on the link and it will take you to the Blendspace page you need.  It will contain videos, powerpoints, worksheets and maybe even games.The two units we are starting with are probability and inequalities.  We will do a brief review of the topics and then do an assessment.  It is to your great advantage to do the work. I also gave the students who were here the SOL review packet but not to worry!  I will also go up online when it is scanned.  Most of this will be ready to go on Monday afternoon.

March 15, 2020 

Good Afternoon.  I have sent to you the SOL Revie packet.  Understand that we have not yet covered all of the material in it but the lessons I post in the coming days will help with that.  Please watch you e-mail for the Blendspace lessons.

20200313144515415 (2).pdf

Week of March 23, 2020

Hopefully this finds you well.  I have sent an e-mail with 2 links in it that talks about Inequalities.  Even though all work is optional the more effort you can put in now the better off you will be going forward.  You will amaze yourself with how well you can do. Feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments.  If you are going to try to do what I provide, think about different places to work besides a desk.  That always makes things much better.  And by all means, listen to your music!

March 24, 2020
Good Morning
Now that I have had time to think, I have had an idea.  How about a non-book math idea.  In addition to doing the stuff in google classroomTHE WHOLE YEAR PLAN  to get the grade level basics, today I would like you to wattch a movie, something like Back to the Future.  It can't be any more than PG-13.  Make a list of at least 15 ways math is used.  Then send it to me.  I'm excitd to see what you get!

March 25, 2020
Even thoough it may be rainy and cold, there are still things to be working on.  I just wanted to point some things out to you.  If you go to the box on th left you will find under FILES AND DOCUMENTS th  e whole year plan for Pre-Algera. Let this guide you but not stress this out.  We want to help however we can.  Don't forget to join our Google Classroom.  The below shows what we have done so far.   jc6u2xa

*Items highlighted in yellow have already been taught… Hyperlinks with material for each target will be added soon

Quarter 1:

Unit 1: Number Sense 

-Perfect Squares and Square roots (8.3)

-Real Number System (8.2)

-Order and Compare (8.1)

               - Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Mixed Numbers, Scientific Notation,

                 Radicals (±), and Pi 

Unit 2: Consumer Math

- Percent Proportions (8.4)

- Proportions (8.4)

- Percent of Change (8.4)

- Tax/Tip/Mark Up/Discount/Interest (8.4)

- Real-World Applications (8.4)

Unit 3: Algebraic Applications 

-Expressions (8.14a)

-Order of Operations

-Evaluating Expressions

-Pythagorean Theorem (8.9)

Quarter 2:

Unit 4: Geometry

-Angles (8.5)





-Transformations (8.7)





-3D Models (8.8)

-Identify 3D models given top, side, or front views


Unit 5: Measurement 

- 2-D Figures (8.10)




-Real-World Applications

--3-D Figures (8.6)

-Surface Area 


-Real-World Applications

Quarter 3:

Unit 6: Equations and Inequalities

-Equations (8.17)




-Variables on both sides


              - Properties of Real Numbers

-Inequalities (8.18)  (Español)




-Variables on both sides 


-Graph on a number line

-Verify possible solutions

Unit 7: Functions and Graphing

-Relations and Functions (8.15)

              - Domain and Range

              - Relation vs. Function

-Graphing Functions (8.16)


-Given a table

-Given two points

-Given a graph

-Slope-Intercept form (y=mx+b)

-Real-World Applications

Quarter 4:

Unit 8: Probability and Statistics 

-Probability (8.11)

-Theoretical and Experimental 

-Independent/Dependent Events

-Determining which event is occurring 


-Statistics (8.13)


-Positive, negative, no correlation

-Box Plots

                             - Five Number Summary 

                                       - Lower Extreme

                                       - Upper Extreme

                                       - Lower Quartile 

                                       - Upper Quartile

                                       - Median

                                       - Range

                                       - Interquartile Range  

-SOL Review


Mrch 26, 2020

Good Morning, It is a bright sunny day today.  What a relief after the soggy day yesterday.  A thought came to mind yesterday after a few requests from your classmates.  If you would like your username and password during this time, e-mail me and I can give it to you.  Make ure you are checking Google Classroom!  Have a good day!

March 30
 Good Morning, As many of you have asked the answer key for the Pre-Algebra review packet is now available.  If you are choosing to do this only do 1 section at a time.  It is too much to try to do all at once.  Check your Google Classroom.  Ms. Issa just added activities for the Real Number System.  If you want your IXL username and password please just e-mail me and I will send it on for you.


Week of April 21, 2020
Good Morning.  This week on Google Classroom you will find activities related to comparing and ordering rational numbers.  There is a great deal of material there to provide review and then a drag and drop activity to help you practice.  Additionally, there are helpful IXL strands listed.  I know you can take a few minutes to review these ideas.  If you do that it will help you next year.

Week of April 28, 2020

Good Morning,  This week we are reviewing proportions.  This is pretty important because you will use this skills pretty soon in Algebra.  There will be no Zoom meeting this week.  We will continue giving you feedback from 12-1:30.  Please turn in your work so that we can see how you are doing.  

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