My name is Karen Majeske and I am your Pre-AP Algebra 1 teacher. This is an exciting year for you because this is one of the first high school credits you will earn.  Some of the material will be familiar and others will be unfamiliar.  Together we will have a great adventure.  We will be focusing a great deal on solving complex equations and inequalities, attributes and uses of functions and systems of equations.  Calculator usage is also very important.
I am here every day at 7:20 for extra help.
 My e-mail is for reaching out to me with questions.  I am available for conferences from 7:20-7:55 in the morning and then again from 8:20-9:47.  The conferences can be set up through Mrs. Nickerson's office.
Have a great year.

Week of MARCH 16, 2020

As we discussed as a class on Friday or, if you weren't here I will tell you now, ifneed be we will be moving to an online format.  The format will be called Blendspace and we will be e-mailing you a link to go to the lessons.  Additionally we are putting the SOL review material on line as well so you will have 2 copies.  You will notknow how to do all of the work in the packet yet but the lessons will cover it.  Do what you can. 

March 15, 2020
Good Afternoon.  I am sending you a copy of the Algebra 1 SOL review packet.  Understand that you will not know all of the material that is in it but I will be putting up lessons in the coming days that will help with that.  Practice using the Desmos calculator in all of your work.  Please watch you email and this page for updates.

20200313144645975 (1).pdf

Week of March 23,2020

Good Morning, I hope this finds you well.  This morning I sent you a code for Ms. Issa's Google Classroom.  It deals with exponents and you will need them moving forward into Geometry.  All work is optional but the more effort you put  in now, the easier your life will be going forward!  I'll be in touch!

March 24, 2020
 Google classroom has been updated. If you haven't joined the class do that now.  We are going to be posting non book math that will be fun and somewhat challenging!

March 25, 2020

Good Morning!  Rainy that it is, it is still a day in which we can be productive .  Under USEFUL LINKS on the left you will find all of the objectives for the year, the ones we have covered and the ones we have not yet covered.  That will give you some guidance as to where we are going. I do not want anyone to stress  over what has been done or what hasn't been done,  We will do the very best we can to get you as prepared  as possible.  Stay strong! 

March 26, 2020
Good Morning,  What a bright sunny day!  Get out and take a walk.  I am going to take advantage of the weather and do some yard work!  A thought came to mind yesterday a a result of questions asked by other students.  If you would like your IXL username and password to use during this time, e-mail me and I will send it to you.  Have a good day!  Mrs. M

March 30, 2020

Good Morning.    I have gotten some requests for IXL usernames and Passwords for Review.  If you want ypurs, just let me know.  Check out google Classroom for more review activities.  If you are going to do some math review activities, I would really concentrate on functions and equations.  Those will be super helpful next year

Week of April 21, 2020
Head on over to the Google Classroom page for Algebra and find there a lot of work on basic order of operations.  Fundamental stuff.  The activity is a puzzle with a really cheesy answer!  Seriously though you need to practice this because it is a basic thing.  Please try the work.  It will help you so much next year.

Week of April 28, 2020

This week you are practicing adding and subtracting polynomials.  The only tricky thing about this is to remember what to do with a subtraction sign when it is outside a parentheses.  You can do this!  Check Google classroom!  No Zoom meeting today!