Wow, we really miss you all!  We hope you all are doing well and staying safe.  As we head towards the end of the year, the 8th grade teachers are working on ways to celebrate you and your accomplishments, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!
We want you to answer this question on a piece of paper, in less than one sentence (just a few words would be great)...

What Does Saunders Mean To You?
Take a selfie of yourself holding the sign, and email it to:
These pictures will be used as we work on our goodbyes, so please get all pictures emailed by Friday, June 5th! 

5/25/20 - 5/29/20
This week our topics for review are the order of operations and evaluating algebraic expressions. See Canvas for materials. 

Puzzle: 5-25.docx
Sudoku 5-25.pdf

5/18/20 - 5/22/20
This week our topics for review are simple interest and account balance. See Canvas for materials. 

Puzzle: 5-18.docx
Sudoku 5-18.pdf

5/11/20 - 5/14/20
The focus for review this week is tax, tip, markup, and discount. See canvas for materials. 

Puzzle: 5-12.docx
  Sudoku for 5-12.pdf

5/4/20 - 5/8/20
This week's focus is on percent change. See Canvas for material. 

Puzzle: 5-6.docx
Sudoku 5-6.pdf

4/27/20 - 5/1/20
This weeks' focus is on proportional reasoning. See Canvas (instructions listed last week, see below) for material. 

Performance Task: See Canvas, it's attached there.
Puzzle: 4-27.docx
Sudoku 4-27.pdf

4/20/20 - 4/24/20

I have begun creating topic modules in a new platform, called Canvas, that PWCS is beginning to use. Our topic for this week is comparing and ordering real numbers

You can access the content for our class by following these steps:
1. Log into the Clever Portal.
2. Select the Canvas icon (look at picture below for reference). 
3. Select your class Period __ Pre-Algebra.


In addition, here are this week's performance task, puzzle, and sudoku!

Performance Task: Bake Sale Task.pdf
Puzzle: 4-21.docx
Sudoku: Sudoku 4-21.pdf

4/13/20 - 4/17/20
I hope you had a wonderful spring break! Here are this week's performance task, puzzle, and Sudoku!

Performance Task: Classify Numbers as Rational or Irrational.pdf Daily Puzzle 4-13.docx
Sudoku4-13 Sudoku.pdf

Fun math fact: The Fibonacci sequence is a famous sequence and goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55... Can you figure out the pattern?

Have a great week!

3/30/20 - 4/3/20

Here is your weekly performance task, puzzle, and Sudoku!

Performance task: Estimating with Square Roots.pdf
Puzzle:Ordering & Logic.pdf
Sudoku: 3-30 Sudoku.pdf

Fun math fact: "Four is the only number in the English language that has the same number of letters as the number's value itself. 

3/23/20 - 3/27/20
All grades have been updated. I sent out an email last week stating this, along with instructions for preparing for retakes and/or missing assessments for when we return. Work on these skills at your own pace and if/when time allows. First comes the importance to be healthy and rested during this time. Please feel free to email with any questions you have regarding assignments or assessment grades. 

I will be updating my page this week to include review material for all content we've focused on thus far in the year. I will also post material on the content we have not yet covered. Students are not expected to complete this material, but are encouraged to explore if time and curiosity allows. In the coming weeks I'll likely be adding assignments (not for grade) on the Big Ideas website to allow students to continue this practice. I also hope to post a weekly challenge problem to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving. I plan to send an email out by the end of the week, detailing where these materials can be found. 

3/16/20 - 3/20/20
I am working this week to complete all grading I have to do. I will send an email out when I have completed this grading and after that you can email me with any questions you have regarding assignment or assessment grades. Teachers should be receiving directions this week regarding instruction and I will communicate my role and expectations once we know how to move forward. 

3/13/20: As of now, we are scheduled to return next Wednesday March 18th. Whether we return on that date, or a later date (if things change), here are some important details to keep in mind:

We will have a review day to review solving multistep inequalities. The day after that review we will have an assessment. The study guide was passed out on Friday March 13th and is available below for review. In addition, the IXL numbers for these targets are X.1, X.6, X.7, X.8, & X.9. I strongly encourage students to spend some time practicing during our days off to ensure they are keeping these skills and processes in mind. 

Inequalities study guideInequalities Study Guide.pdf

As far as we know, the end of the third quarter is still Friday March 27th. Be sure to turn in assignments if possible for credit. Email Ms. Bontrager or your other teachers if you have questions about what you owe. 

3/2/20 - 3/6/20
We completed our assessment on multistep equations on Monday. We will begin looking at solving multistep inequalities on Wednesday and use the same processes that we learned in solving multistep equations. 

Notes from 3/4 - Notes - Multistep Inequalities.docx

A heads up - things are going to get a bit busy in the coming days. A few pieces of general and math-specific dates are below:

3/10 & 3/12 - 8th grade Writing SOL
3/11 - **Solving inequalities assessment**
3/13 - Field trip for students whose homeroom is LA, math (except Achico), Languages (except Berrios), Armstrong and Annunziata
3/27 - Field trip for students whose homeroom is Civics, Science, Mrs. Berrios, and Mrs. Achico
3/27 - End of Quarter 1
3/30 - Teacher work day (no school for students)

2/17/20 - 2/20/20
We're continuing our study of solving multistep equations and will be looking at the distributive property and cases of variables on both sides. Looking aheadour assessment on solving equations and applications of equations will take place on Monday March 2nd. **Please be aware that we do not have school on Tuesday March 3rd due to the primaries.**

Notes from 2/21 - Notes - Variables on both sides.docx
Notes from 2/20 - Notes - Distributive Property with Maze practice.pdf

2/10/20 - 2/14/20
We'll be adding the step of combining like terms within solving equations this week. Notes are available for download below.

Notes from 2/13 - Notes - Combine Like Terms with practice.pdf
Big Ideas Exploration on Combining Like Terms - Big Ideas 1.3 Exploration - combine like terms.pdf

2/3/20 - 2/7/20
We're continuing to balance equations by using blocks and tiles this week. By the end of the week we will be verbally describing the steps involved in solving equations and begin to algebraically solve equations. 

Notes from 2/4 - Notes on solving equations using algebra tiles.pdf

1/28/20 - 1/31/20
Welcome to quarter 3!! We'll begin solving equations this week! We'll start looking at what solving equations means and then build on what you learned last year. 

Since we finished unit 5 on measurement last week, the Unit 5 Vocabulary and Crossword are due Friday January 31st.  A copy is available below for download.

Thursday's Balancing Equations Activity

Unit 5 Crossword.pdf & Unit 5 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx

**Important Updates!**

 The end of the second quarter is January 24th. We will have Quarter Bash and a Pep Rally on the 24th. To participate in Quarter Bash, all work must be submitted by January 17th!

Here is some information regarding high school curriculum/specialty program info sessions:
Hylton Curriculum Fair 2020.pdf
Forest Park curriculum night 20.pdf
HS Specialty Information nights 2019.docx

Touch Base Conferences will occur on Monday January 27th (teacher work day, no school for students). Please email me ( or call the school if you have questions regarding this opportunity. 
Touch Base Conferences (1).pdf

1/13/20 - 1/17/20
We are preparing for Thursday's assessment. The study guides are available for download below as we prepare this week.
Assessment Targets 
1) Calculate perimeter of composite figures
2) Calculate area of composite figures
3) Calculate surface area and volume of cones and square-based pyramids
4) Identify the effects of changing dimensions on the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms.

1/13 - Composite Figures Study Guide.pdf

1/6/20 - 1/10/20
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break and are feeling rested. We're jumping back into our fifth unit on measurements. We will focus on finding the area and perimeter of composite figures this week. Next week we will be reviewing all targets in this unit to prepare for the unit assessment on Thursday (and Friday if needed). The assessment will assess the following targets:
1) Calculate perimeter of composite figures
2) Calculate area of composite figures
3) Calculate surface area and volume of cones and square-based pyramids
4) Identify the effects of changing dimensions on the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms. 

12/16/19 - 12/20/19
It's the last school week of 2019!! We're looking at surface area and volume of pyramids and cones this week. We started a formative assessment/assignment on Thursday and it will be due on Friday. 

**Assignment Info: All assignments will be listed and available for download on the "Quarter Assignment" page on my class site (look at the menu on the left).**

Unit 4 assessments were returned and retake tickets are available below. Tickets must be completed prior to taking the retake. 

Target 1 - REMEDIATION - Identify Angle Relationships.pdf
Target 2 - REMEDIATION - Determine Angle Measures.pdf
Target 3 - REMEDIATION - Apply Transformations.pdf
Target 5 - REMEDIATION - 3D Models.pdf

12/2/19 - 12/6/19
We used Monday of this week to complete the assessment we completed last Tuesday. Tuesday was a review day since Ms. Bontrager was out. Wednesday we will be completing a pre-assessment to see what we know about finding the perimeter and area of composite figures. We'll continue working with those concepts this week and begin looking at surface area and volume next week. 

Formula Sheet - Math 8 Formula Sheet.pdf

11/25/19 - 11/26/19
Only a two day week! We're reviewing on Monday for our assessment tomorrow. The targets on the assessments are the following:
I can...
1) identify complementary, supplementary, adjacent, and vertical angle relationships.
2) use complementary, supplementary, adjacent, and vertical angle relationships to determine unknown angle measures. 
3) apply translations, reflections, and dilations in the coordinate plane.
4) identify applications of translations, reflections, and dilations.
5) construct a three-dimensional model when given front, back, side, and top views. 

We used the Quizizz website to review on Monday. If you didn't finish, use your time Monday evening to finish! 

Unit 4 Crossword - Unit 4 Crossword (Pre-Algebra).pdf
Unit 4 Vocabulary - Unit 4 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx

11/18/19 - 11/22/19
Seven school days left in November! This week we're turning our focus to transformations and 3D models. On Monday we'll review vocabulary involving angles and lines. We'll then recall what we know about transformations to help focus on translations. On Tuesday and Wednesday we'll look at reflection and dilations, and do lots of practice with those transformations. On Thursday and Friday we'll be working with 3D models and practicing looking at them from different perspectives. 

Looking ahead
, we'll be reviewing on Monday of next week to prepare for our unit 4 Geometry assessment on Tuesday 11/26. Notes and assignments are available below for download.

Notes from 11/22 - Notes - Views of 3D Models.pdf
Notes from 11/18 - Notes - Apply Transformations.docx
Unit 4 vocabulary - Unit 4 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx

11/12/19 - 11/15/19
We completed our notes on angles by adding details about complementary and supplementary angles. The notes were posted last week if you need a copy. We started a formative assessment/assignment that will be due Friday 11/15. This is available below as is the vocabulary list and crossword for Unit 3. These will also be due Friday 11/15. 

Formative Assessment due 11/15Formative Assessment on Angles.pdf
Unit 3 Vocabulary due 11/15Unit 3 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx
Unit 3 crossword due 11/15Unit 3 Crossword (Pre-Algebra).pdf

Unit 3 Assessment Remediation Information:
The retakes for unit 3 will be completed next Wednesday 11/20. The retake tickets were distributed on 11/12 and are due next Tuesday 11/19. Additional copies are available below. IXL numbers are also listed on the IXL page to the left. Please feel free to schedule a time when you can come early to ensure you are prepared! You must complete the ticket in order to complete the retake. 

Target #1 - Evaluate Algebraic Expressions retake ticket - REMEDIATION Algebraic Expressions.pdf
Target #2 - Verify Pythagorean Theorem/Determine a right triangle retake ticket - REMEDIATION Determine a Right Triangle.pdf
Target #2 - Apply Pythagorean Theorem/Solve for unknown side retake ticket - REMEDIATION Solve for side.pdf & REMEDIATION Solve for side Word Problems.pdf

11/6/19 - 11/8/19
Welcome to quarter 2! Let's start it off well! We used Wednesday this week to finish the unit 3 assessment we took on Friday. We then reviewed lines, rays, and basic characteristics of angles to prepare for identifying and working with adjacent, vertical, complementary, and supplementary angles. We focused on adjacent and vertical angles on Friday and will look at complementary and supplementary angles on Tuesday. Notes on angles are available below. 

Notes from 11/8 - Notes - Angles.pdf
Unit 4 Vocabulary - Unit 4 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx

10/28/19 - 11/1/19
This week we are continuing to use the Pythagorean Theorem to 1) determine whether a triangle is a right triangle, and 2) find the unknown side length of a right triangle. Our assessment is on Friday 11/1. The notes for this week are below along with the study guide for the unit.

Targets for Unit 3 Assessment:
1) I can evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values.
2) I can use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine whether a given triangle is a right triangle.
3) I can use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for the unknown side length of a given right triangle.

Unit 3 Study Guide - Unit 3 Questions _ Journal Prompts.pdf
(For this unit, be sure you can answer all questions on page 1, then only focus on the sections titled "8.14a Algebraic Expressions for Given Replacement Values" and "8.9 Pythagorean Theorem"

Assignment due 10/31Coloring Assignment Solve for X.pdf
Notes from 10/29 - Notes - Apply the Pythagorean Theorem.docx
Notes from 10/28 - Notes - Verify the Pythagorean Theorem.docx

10/21/19 - 10/25/19
We'll continue working with algebraic expressions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we'll look at the Pythagorean Theorem and use the skill of substituting values to determine unknown lengths of right triangles. Looking ahead, our Algebraic Expressions assessment will be next Friday 11/1. 

Notes from 10/22 - Notes - Evaluate Algebraic Expressions.pdf
In-Class Formative Assessment from 10/24 - Evaluate Algebraic Expressions Check-In.pdf
Notes from 10/25 - Notes - Verify the Pythagorean Theorem.docx

Unit 2 Consumer Math Retakes will be taken next Wednesday 10/30. Students received (or will receive tomorrow) practice sheets to review. You can also do IXL for more practice. The worksheets are available below and are due next Tuesday 10/29 in order to retake the next day. 

Target #1: Account Balance - REMEDIATION - Account Balance.pdf
Target #2: Calculate tax, tip, markup, and discount - REMEDIATION - Tax, Tip, Markup, and Discount.pdf
Target #3: Calculate Simple Interest - REMEDIATION - Simple Interest.pdf
Target #4: Calculate percent change - REMEDIATION - Percent Change.pdf

10/15/19 - 10/18/19
We finished our consumer math unit assessment on Tuesday, and then reviewed the order of operations on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we looked at algebraic expressions and how to evaluate those when we're given replacement values. 

Notes from 10/18 - Notes - Evaluate Algebraic Expressions.pdf
Unit 3 Vocabulary List - Unit 3 Vocabulary (Pre-Algebra).docx
Unit 3 Tracking Chart - Unit 3 - Algebraic Applications Tracking Chart.docx
Notes from 10/16 - Notes - Order of Operations.docx

Unit 2 Vocabulary List due 10/18Pre-Algebra Unit 2 Vocabulary.docx
Unit 2 Crossword due 10/18Unit 2 Crossword (Pre-Algebra).pdf

10/7/19 - 10/11/10
We'll be looking at percent change on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and then will review on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the consumer math unit assessment on Friday 10/11. 

The Consumer Math Unit Assessment will assess four targets:
1) Reconcile an Account - 396509
2) Calculate tax, tip, markup, and discount - 834081
3) Calculate simple interest - 370189
4) Calculate percent change - 479413

The codes next to each are the codes for the website, which we used to practice in class on Wednesday. Feel free to practice at home! IXL numbers can be found in the chart on my IXL page. 

Auto Loan Assignment Due 10/9True Cost of an Auto Loan.pdf
Notes from 10/7 - Notes - Percent Change.pdf
Study Guide for Unit 2 - Unit 2 Questions and Prompts.docx

9/30/19 - 10/4/19
We're continuing our unit on consumer math by focusing on tax/tip/markup/discount and simple interest this week. Looking ahead, we'll start next week with percent change and next Wednesday and Thursday for our consumer math unit assessment on Friday 10/11

Notes from 10/3 - Notes - Simple Interest.pdf
Auto Loan Assignment - True Cost of an Auto Loan.pdf
Study Guide for Unit 2 - Unit 2 Questions and Prompts.docx

**Reminder: Remediation worksheets are due Tuesday 10/1 in order to take the retake on Wednesday 10/2.**

9/25/19 - 9/27/19
Nice job on the unit 1 assessment! We've moved into the consumer math unit and we'll be working with tax, tip, discount, account balances, simple interest, and more! The notes from the week are available for download below:

Notes from 9/24 - Balancing a Checkbook.pdf
Notes from 9/26 - Notes - Tax, tip, markup, and discount.pdf
Unit 2 Vocabulary - Pre-Algebra Unit 2 Vocabulary.docx

Unit 1 Retakes will be completed next Wednesday 10/2. Remediation tickets are due Tuesday 10/1. If you need help, I am available before school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Extra copies of rememdiation material is available below. Please see the IXL page as well for numbers to practice. 

Real Number System #1 (Organize) and #2 (Classify) - Real Numbers Organize and Classify REMEDIATION.docx
Real Number System #3 (Operation Rules) - Real Number Operation Rules REMEDIATION.doc
Perfect Squares & Estimate Square Roots - Perfect Squares and Square Roots REMEDIATION.pdf
Order and Compare - Order and Compare Real Numbers REMEDIATION.pdf

9/16/19 - 9/20/19
We have our first unit assessment on Friday 9/20! We'll look at comparing and ordering numbers on Monday and Tuesday. We'll then do lots of review on Wednesday and Thursday to make sure we're ready for the test. Please find the Unit 1 Study Guide below in last week's update (if you forgot yours at school or lost it) and make sure you're practicing! The following notes and practice have been handed out this week:

Notes from 9/16 - Notes - Converting Various Real Numbers to Decimals.docx
Notes from 9/17 - Notes - Compare and Order Real Numbers.pdf
Study Guide ANSWER KEY - Unit 1 Study Guide ANSWER KEY.pdf
Vocab Crossword ANSWER Key - Unit 1 Vocabulary Crossword Answer Key.pdf

9/9/19 - 9/13/19
We are continuing our study of the real number system and looked at patterns that occur when multiplying and adding rational and irrational numbers. We'll start looking at perfect squares and square roots on Wednesday and then move into ordering and comparing numbers by the end of the week. Our Real Numbers Unit Assessment will be next Friday 9/20 and will cover the topics discussed above. The following notes and assignments have been handed out this week:

Real Number Sort Assignment - Real Number Sort.pdf
Notes from 9/10 - Real Number System Notes (Operation rules).docx
Real Numbers Unit Study Guide - Unit 1 Study Guide.docx
Notes from 9/12 - Notes - Perfect Squares.docx and Notes - Estimating Square Roots.docx
Perfect Squares & Square Roots Check-in Assignment - Perfect Square & Square Roots Formative.pdf

9/3/19 - 9/6/19
We're getting started with our first topic this week, the real number system. We'll be organizing the real number system and then classifying where numbers belong within that system. The following documents were handed out and placed in binders:

Pre-Algebra Tentative Course Schedule: Pre-Algebra Tentative Coursework Schedule.docx
Unit 1 Tracking Chart: Unit 1 - Real Numbers Tracking Chart.docx
Notes 9/4 - Organizing the Real Numbers: Real Number System Notes (Illustrate and describe).docx
Notes 9/5 - Classifying Numbers: Real Number System Notes (Classify).docx