Winter concert Reminder

What:  Winter Concert 

When: Tuesday December 11th 2018

Where: Hylton High School auditorium

Attire: 6th &7th – uniform shirt and black pants and black shoes.  8th ladies- uniform dress with black shoes.  8th gentlemen- uniform vest and tie with black dress shirt and black pants with black shoes. 

Time:    Call time is the time you are to arrive at Hylton high school.  Parents you may drop off you student and then wait in the cafeteria until the auditorium doors open a 6:25 p.m.  8th grade call time- 5:45.  7th grade call time- 6:15.  6th grade call time- 6:40.  You must be dressed and ready to go. 

Extras:  Once your grade is finished singing you will be seated to listen to the rest of your classmates.  If you NEED to be dismissed early you may leave right after your grade is finished singing.  You must let me know about this though before the day of the concert. 

Dismissal:  At the end of the concert 6th grade will be dismissed in the auditorium to parents.  7th grade will be dismissed from the cafeteria.  Parents you will be excused at the end to the cafeteria to wait for your students.  8th grade will be dismissed from the stage.  Parents you may walk up the stage stairs when dismissed and pick your student up. 

*Remember there are only 3 ways to be excused from a concert: Sickness, emergency, pre arranged absence.  If one of those pertain to you then you will have to ask your director for either a make up packet or to sing your concert.