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Every Day Reading Target
I can increase my reading stamina, or time, to focus on reading independently.                                                                                    

                                                  rdg matters

4/20 Reading Strategies Virtual Schedule

Fridays Instruction
Check out the Links below for reading inspiration!
Fridays Office Hours
Email me with any questions or just to say hello! <3

4/13 Update on Resources for E-books  

1.) Please continue to log in to and spend time reading articles on topics you find interesting. 1-3 articles a week is a good goal. Quizzes and Power Words are great tools to check and see if you understood what you read. I will keep emailing you feedback on how you are doing, don't hesitate to ask if you forgot your username and password. You should be able to log in through Clever with your Office365 account, but here are the class codes just in case you need to join again:
6th grade: V27CNT
7th grade: 69DYZ4
8th grade: 88PF6G

2.) Here is what I use for my own personal E-books: I use my Prince William County Library account to download books from the Libby and Hoopla Apps. These are also connected to my Kindle app so I can read e-books on a phone, computer, or ipad/tablet. The best part is that all books are FREE to read! There are great titles available, everything from Wimpy Kid to brand new bestsellers. If you do not have a library card, there is a way to apply for one digitally. Check out the link below for your new book!

3.) Tumble Books: Another FREE resource to read books online.
TeenBookCloud - gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link:
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

4.) MyOn: FREE resource for thousands of e-books.
Check this out!
Log into your Clever through Office 365.clever

Happy Reading!  (Find titles for your favorite topics based on your grade level!) GREAT resource for books and lessons to keep your reading skills fresh

4/16 Welcome to the "Virtual" Reading Room! I hope you are all safe and healthy, and enjoying your extended break from school. As always, feel free to send me any questions or concerns you have about Reading Strategies. Remember to keep up your READING STAMINA and try to read for at least 30 minutes every day, which is only as long as ONE episode of a show on Netflix ;) Click on "Useful Links" for ideas on where to find good texts. is always good practice with non-fiction, just send me an email if you need a refresher on your username and password.

We were able to learn and practice all 4 reading targets before we left unexpectedly. Our FINAL EXAM is located in the Files and Documents Link, and can be used for either fiction or non-fiction (this would be GREAT practice to use with a Newsela article!)

If you get super bored, create a BOOK TRAILER based on something you've read recently. You can use your Office Account to create a Power Point or Google Slides. Have fun :)
I miss you all! Love, Ms. Luke <3