Ms. Schexnaider's Science Class

Welcome to Ms. Schexnaider's Website and Updated Information regarding Virtual Learning!
Virtual Learning Information
We will be using Google Classroom as the platform for each of my classes. Below is the code to join. Per the County's emails these learning activities are OPTIONAL. 

You MUST use your log in (Same login as Chromebooks at school)
Go to:
Click the + sign in the corner that says, "Join Class" and enter the Science Class code. Sign in using your @wething log in. 

 Google Classroom Code for 6th grade Science    55t4y4b
In addition, my website has lessons, games, the 6th grade online textbook, labs, and objectives for the entire year for each student to explore.

As we wait for Dr. Watts and the county decisions continue to reach out to those in need, help your family, and take time to  enjoy a new hobby, a new book,  a friend, a  new skill, and of course continue to learn ALL your targets for 6th grade and get ready for 7th grade!!
Take care, Ms. Schexnaider

The link below was released by PWCS for additional educational support.