Happy Friday! I miss you all. Please take the time to try the following fun learning activities:



Dear families,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unusual and uncertain times. I sincerely miss each and every one of my students and I want nothing more than to return back to school to resume the remainder of the school year in person. Unfortunately, we aren't able to do this and so I have enriched my webpage to provide students with resources to review the material we have already gone over so far this year.

Currently, no new work is being assigned. Please use this time to review the material we have already covered thus far. I have included many links through brain pop, flocabulary, and additional videos for you to check out.
 I will continue to add more material onto my webpage and stay alert for emails from me. I am working to get a google classroom set up and will also post additional daily activities for you to review the material we have covered thus far.
I miss you all!
Mrs. Thompson

P.S. Check out this link below for a really great 'Optional Daily Schedule' released by pwcs. Click on Secondary and you will find a great schedule to live by over the next several weeks as well as links to virtual lessons categorized by class subject. Please take the time to explore some of these links.