Week of June 8th Activities:

Students will choose any of the activities from this quarter that they have not yet completed.  Please submit your work through Google Classroom or email.  If you've already completed all the assignments, you are awesome and get a free week :).

We have a Zoom meeting scheduled for Wednesday.  Check your email or Google classroom for details. 

Have a wonderful and safe summer! 

Week of June 1st Activities:

This week we will be exploring careers in Science by watching a Ted Talk video, researching careers on the Science Buddies website and filling out a graphic organizer about two careers that are of interest to you. The assignment can be found in this presentation and in our Google Classroom.

Week of May 18th Activities:

This week’s focus is the Law of Conservation of Mass and balancing chemical equations.
 This was a challenging topic we covered earlier in the year.  Reviewing these concepts will prepare students for more advanced science courses in high school. 

I have created a “virtual classroom” slide with my Bitmoji – check it out on this week’s presentation😊. 

virtual classroom image

Students will:

  • Watch a video about the Law of Conservation of Mass
  • Balance chemical equations using a PhET simulation (this should look familiar)
  • Complete a Jefferson Lab on balancing equations & email results to ahmedn@pwcs.edu
  • Complete a short reflection (3 choices) – write, do a Flip Grid video, or complete a success criteria chart
    • I’m excited to introduce Flip Grid to our online learning experience.  Students can record short videos and post them to our board so everyone can share their reflections with each other! 

Have fun and reach out if you have any questions.

Week of May 11th Activities:

Students will complete the “Plagued by Disease” activity. Students will research information on infectious disease, create graphical representations of data, and make conclusions about the possible treatment of an infectious disease.

Turn in 3 parts to the assignment on Google Classroom:
-Use the "Medical Chart" to record the information you collect and submit.
-Upload your public service announcement about the disease
-Submit the "Success Criteria" as your reflection

Week of May 4th Activities:

This week in science we are focusing on data and graphing, which is a key science process skill.  Please click on the Google Slides link for details about the activities.  In short, you will watch a video, complete a graphing activity of your choice, and end by testing yourself with a Quizlet.  

Have fun and reach out if you have any questions.

Week of April 27th Activities:

Students in Science will explore the physics behind roller coasters by viewing the Roller Coaster Imagineers slides and working through the activities and videos.

Please check Google Classroom pages for details on the assignment. 

April 15th Update:

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope you and your families are doing well.  

The third quarter has now been extended until April 24.  During these next 10 days, you have the opportunity to raise your 3rd quarter grade by doing retakes and re-submitting projects (EM Spectrum project).  Please take advantage of these opportunities and email me once you have completed a re-take or assignment. 

Going forward, we are scheduled to "have class" every Wednesday from 8:30 am - 10 am and I will be available for office hours officially on Wednesdays from 12 pm - 1:30 pm. 

  • “Class/Instruction” means that I will post 90-minutes worth of activities on a topic.  For now, these activities will include a mix of videos, practice, self-check quizzes, etc.  In the future, I’m considering posting video-recordings of me or one of the other 8th grade science teachers and possibly a live video conference. 
  • “Office Hours” simply means that I will be available via email or video chat to answer questions or help with any work.  However, in reality I check my email every day and am happy to help any day during the week.

For the Wednesday class this week, our topic will be a review of Metric Conversions.  I have posted the following activities, which should take about 90 minutes to complete:

  • Metric Conversions video tutorial
  • Google Classroom assignment
    • Practice worksheet
    • Self-Check Quiz
  • BrainPOP (accessible through student Clever account) on metric conversions with a practice quiz

If you have trouble accessing any of these materials, please let me know. 

I miss you all and hope to connect with you soon!  Take care and stay safe.


Mrs. Ahmed

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Welcome to Mrs. Ahmed's 8th grade science class. My goals are to make this a fun, hands-on, and challenging learning space for you. This website is intended for students and families to find information about course expectations, requirements, and goals. Please contact me at ahmedn@pwcs.edu for any questions.

Physical Science word cloud


Materials needed for science class:
-1-inch binder 
-notebook paper