Dear students and parents,

Welcome to the online learning portion of the 2019-2020 school year.  I hope all of you are remaining healthy and safe during this most difficult time.  I will be sending information and adding assignments to my class page as well as Google classroom during this time.  

Each of my students should have been assigned to their class period's Google classroom account.  In the event that you are not, I have included each class period and code for my students:

3rd Period - 5zxljsa
4th Period - bor3i2n
5th Period - rkviu4b
6th Period - kunsp4c
7th Period - ilm7q3m

Apps and Links
I have placed BrainPop and Newsela in my Clever account for student use.  As we continue with review and enrichment assignments, other resources will be added. 

As we navigate through this time please know that I miss seeing each one of you in Room 1304.  Continue to make yourselves and all of your teachers proud.  Remember "Its a WE thing." 

Mrs. Franklin