World War II

- I can explain the causes and events that led to American involvement in WWII.
- I can identify the major leaders and countries of the Allied and Axis Powers.
- I can locate and describe major events and turning points of WWII in Europe and the Pacific.
- I can explain reasons and tactics of the Holocaust.
- I can describe how WWII affected Americans on the Home Front.

1920s Boom and 1930s Bust

- I can explain how technology and electricity changed America’s way of life in the early 20th century.
- I can describe social and economic changes of the early 20th century.
- I can identify cultural leaders of the early 20th century, including members of the Harlem Renaissance.
- I can describe the causes and impact of the Great Depression.
- I can identify the major features of the New Deal.

The Changing Role of the US

- I can describe the reasons and results of the Spanish American War.
- I can explain how Theodore Roosevelt changed American foreign policy.
- I can describe the reasons for American involvement in World War I.
- I can identify the Allied and Central Powers of WWI and why the US joined the war.
- I can describe the leadership roles of the United States after WWI.

Progressive Reform

- I can describe the negative effects of Industrialization and the reforms that addressed these issues. 
- I can compare the Women's Suffrage and Temperance Movement and the new amendments they created. 
- I can describe racial segregation and Jim Crow laws. 
- I can compare the different responses by African Americans to racial segregation.

Industrialization and Immigration Unit
- I can locate National Markets and show how advances in transportation helped them develop.
- I can explain reasons for the increase of immigration, growth of cities, and the challenges faced from this expansion.
- I can explain the impact new inventions, big businesses, and growth of industry had on American farms.

Westward Movement Unit 

- I can list and describe the reasons for westward expansion. 
- I can explain how the physical features and climate of the Great Plains slowed westward expansion. 
- I can identify inventions and changes that made westward expansion possible. 
- I can explain how American Indians were effected by westward expansion. 

Reconstruction Unit

- I can explain the 13
th, 14th, and 15th amendments and how they effected the lives of Americans.
- I can describe how Reconstruction changed life for the South. 
- I can describe racial segregation and Jim Crow laws. 
- I can describe the roles Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Frederick Douglass during Reconstruction.

Geography Unit

- I can use a map and atlas to locate and identify the seven regions, 50 states and important cities of the United States.
- I can display knowledge of my assigned state by sharing information on that state through a PowerPoint presentation.

Code of Behavior

- I can identify key terms of the Code of Behavior
- I can explain what is right and wrong behavior.

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