Formative Assignments (assignments meant to build a student's knowledge base throughout a unit) are graded on scale from Non Mastery (NM), Approaching Mastery (AM), to Mastery (M).  If an assignment is Not Handed In (NHI) it cannot receive credit.  Exemptions (Ex) are only made for assignments when students are unable to access content only available in class when they are absent.  An example might include using information from a video shown in class to complete an assignment.

*Students are encouraged to resubmit work until they achieve Mastery.  They may resubmit their work at any point in the quarter, although sooner is probably better since the information will be fresh in their mind and not clouded by new topics we are learning.

Summative Assessments
(end of unit tests meant to see what students have learned) are graded on the traditional scale of A to F.  A grade is given for each Learning Target in a unit, so end of unit tests will have multiple targets and therefore grades on them.

*Students are encouraged to retake Learning Targets that they would like to improve on from their unit tests.  In order to do this, they must complete a remediation sheet for that particular learning target, and then retake the target during Spartan Time (remediation time built into each morning).

PWCS Grading