Quizlet--Class specific flashcards, vocabulary, games, and tests

Listening Practice--Customizable, leveled listening practice

Conjuguemos--Verb conjugating(Use "Language" button to select your language and access present tense frog and crossword games)

PurposeGames--Search for games on any and every topic(countries, colors, verbs, etc.)

Duolingo--Pick a language and set a daily study time to improve pronunciation and increase your vocabulary

EasyLanguage--Select a language and watch YouTube videos of native speakers on various topics of interest

ThisisLanguage--Select flag for desired language and listen to native speakers with listening comprehension activities

AprenderEspañol--Vocabulary, grammar, stories, and more

SpanishDict--Online English-Spanish dictionary for reference

Rockalingua--Music based Spanish learning

--Songs and videos for Spanish beginners

WhyNotSpanish--Spanish lessons with María and Cody