Saunders Middle School Counseling Center   


Mission Statement

The mission of the Saunders Middle School Counseling Program is to work collaboratively with all educational stakeholders to provide equitable access to a high quality, comprehensive school counseling program designed to meet the diverse academic, social, emotional, and career needs of all students. Through the incorporation of a purposeful, data driven intervention system, the Saunders Middle School Professional Counselors will advocate for each student learner, enhance the overall learning experience, close achievement gaps, and develop quality individuals capable of acquiring the critical thinking skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become successful, resilient, and responsible contributors to a global society. We commit to inclusive practices and equity with an expectation of excellence from every student and counselor every day.

Vision Statement

Upon graduation, Saunders Middle School students will possess the academic knowledge, social-emotional skills, cultural awareness, and career aptitude necessary to create a thriving future for themselves and their community. Our students will have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education and/or to obtain the training necessary to achieve successful, long-term employment within an ever-changing, global economy.