Things to Do When Logging into A New PWCS Computer

PDF of Information (For Print Only)

  1. Log in with PWCS credentials.
    • 1st login MUST be done on a PWCS network. It can be connected to home networks after that.
    • Student passwords can be reset/changed at the PWCS Student Password Reset Website.
    • Logging into a different PWCS computer can take between 3-7 minutes to fully start up for the first time.It will not take as long after that.
    • The screen will stay at the 'Welcome' screen and then transition to the black 'Hi' screen.
    • Load up is complete when the 'PWCS Apps' folder loads and opens automatically on the desktop screen.
  2. Change Default Browser to Chrome.
    • Search 'Default' in Windows Search Bar
    • Go to 'Default app settings'
    • Click on the 'Microsoft Edge' icon under 'Web browser'
    • Choose 'Google Chrome'
    • Choose 'Switch Anyways'
  3. Open a Chrome browser and select 'Show Bookmark Bar'
    • Click on three dots (customize Chrome options)
    • Click on 'Bookmarks'
    • Click on 'Show bookmarks bar'
  4. Save Office365 as a bookmark
    • Log in with PWCS email and password (email is computer username and / password is same as computer password)
    • Click on the star to the right of the url address.Rename as needed.
  5. Authenticate PWCS Zoom
    • Go to PWCS Zoom through Office365, or by going to
    • Click on "Sign In"
    • Sign in with your child's Office365 email and password (not needed if you're already signed into office365)
    • In the top right corner, hover over 'Resources' and click on 'Download Zoom Client'
    • Download and Install the 'Zoom Client for Meetings'.On a Chrome browser you can click on the installer on the bottom left of the scren
    • When the Client has completed installing, you'll be prompted to 'Join a Meeting' or 'Sign In'. Choose 'Sign In' and then choose the 'SSO' option.
    • You should see 'pwcs-zm-edu' in the domain. Click 'Continue'.
    • You've completed the authentication when you see the Zoom app open with your initials (or icon) in the top right.
  6. Save Canvas as a bookmark
    • Open a browser window and go to
    • Save as a bookmark following steps from #4 above
  7. Save StudentVue as a bookmark
    • Open a browser window and go to StudentVue
    • Save as a bookmark following steps from #4 above