Saunders Spartan Wrestling 2020


1. Pictures were taken on Tuesday, February 25 but can still be purchased online.
2. Only varsity wrestlers will practice the final week of the season to prepare for the regional tournament.  JV wrestlers season will end after our final dual meet on Monday, March 9th and all singlets/other equipment should be returned to Coach Riccardella that week.
3. Our end of season celebration will occur on Thursday, March 19th at 6 pm in the cafeteria.  Immediate family is welcome, so please respond to Coach Riccardella with the number attending per wrestler.

Schedule for the season:

Match 1 (2/6)
- @Potomac

The Spartan wrestling season got off to an exciting start with a big, 60-33, win over Potomac.  The night began with hard-fought JV matches and pins by Emerson Zepeda, Ibrahim Kargbo, and Joshua Zavala. The varsity match followed, and despite an early deficit, our middle and heavyweights went on a winning streak, including dominant pins from Tristun Roberts, Eziah Patterson, Dennys Turcios, Reign Jones, JJ Hayden, Collin Hughes, and Caleb Besson.

Match 2 (2/11) – Home vs. Graham Park

Saunders Wrestling suffered a tough loss, coming up just short with a score 46-45 against Graham Park.  However, there were many great efforts up and down the line-up, including a 13-9 victory from Landon Ludington, and pins from Tristun Roberts, Joseph Ramos, Jacob Barry, Dennys Turcios, Reign Jones, JJ Hayden, and Alex Miller. 

Match 3 (2/13) – @Beville

In what may be the most exciting middle school wrestling match of all time, Saunders Wrestling earned an incredible comeback victory, finishing 48-41 over Beville.  JV wrestlers set the tone, with hard-earned wins from Emerson Zepeda, Nehemiah Hill, Tanyon Jarboe, and Carson Flaherty.  Also, an amazing debut from 8th grader and first year wrestler, Cedrick Grier.   The varsity match then saw several tremendous efforts, beginning with pins from Tristun Roberts, Joshua Andersson, and Joey Ramos, hard-earned decisions from Raymon Rodriguez and Dennys Turcios, and then four pins in a row to come back from a 17-point deficit.  Captain JJ Hayden began the run with a stunning pin in just 30 seconds, followed by Joshua Zavala and Alex Miller, both wrestling up a weight class to help the team effort, and capped off by a breathtaking pin from Collin Hughes.

Match 4 (2/21) - @Lake Ridge

Saunders Wrestling came up short against Lake Ridge, losing 48-39.  However, as usual, there were many outstanding efforts, including Landon Ludington’s 13-10 decision and Joshua Andersson’s 2nd consecutive pin.  Later in the match, Anthony Weekes earned his first pin of the season, which was followed by a rally of pins from Reign Jones, JJ Hayden, and Joshua Zavala.  Alex Miller then wrestled tough against a challenging opponent, and the night was capped off with a 2nd period pin from Caleb Besson.  Also, exhibition wins were earned by Logan McMichael, Sebastian Closson, Tanyon Jarboe, Stevie Momon, and Carson Flaherty.

Match 5 (2/27) – Home vs Hampton

Saunders wrestling scored a big win over Hampton, 81-9.  JV wrestlers led the effort with impressive wins from Ibrahim Kargbo, Stevie Momon, Jayden Broussard, Carson Flaherty, and Joshua Zavala.  The varsity match then began with several forfeits from Hampton in the lighter weights, followed by quick pins Joshua Andersson and Jacob Barry, a hard-earned 9-5 decision from Raymon Rodriguez, and more dominant pins from Eziah Patterson, Reign Jones, JJ Hayden, and Alex Miller to cap off the victory.

Match 6 (3/9) – Home vs. Benton

The Saunders Wrestling team faced a tough loss, 77-15, in its final dual meet of the season against Benton.   However, there were many great efforts, starting in the exhibition matches with an impressive decision by Logan McMichael.  In the varsity match, Landon Ludington excited the gym with a stunning 3rd period pin.  Joey Ramos beat a tough opponent with a 1st period pin, and Dennys Turcios earned a hard fought decision at 140 lbs.

*Regular season matches start at 5, with exhibition (JV) first, followed by the varsity dual match.

Regional Wrestling Tournament (3/14, all day long) – Gar-Field High School
*Meet at Saunders at 7 am for bus, but must be picked up from Gar-Field.  No returning bus.

Head Coach- Nick Riccardella (
Assistant Coaches- Mike Mongillo and Malik White



Wrestling is not easy. It requires a certain mindset and commitment. Be ready to work hard when coming into the room each day. Be ready to struggle with everything you have to do the best you can, because win or lose, YOU are responsible for the outcome.
Wrestlers need to be in shape. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees are a great way to work out on your own time to complement the hard work done in the wrestling room.
Technique matters. We will work hard to hone our skills, but wrestlers of all experience can improve. Check out the following link for a video playlist of Basic Wrestling Techniques and Moves, many of which we will practice regularly.


Please bring wrestling shoes, headgear, shorts, and t-shirts.  No low cut or sleeveless shirts allowed.  Also, devices, including headphones, are not permitted for use during practice or matches.  It is expected that athletes are fully engaged in the sport, learning from their coaches and teammates.  We will work hard and efficiently each day, with practices ranging from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Typical practices will include a warm up, drills, learning and new move practice, live wrestling, and conditioning.


Activity bus runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm, and on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm.  Athletes and families are responsible for their own transportation on Mondays and Fridays, as well as in the evenings after matches.  It is expected that athletes are promptly picked up after practices and matches when activity buses are not available.


Basic Wrestling Techniques and Moves
Great Wrestling Match Example
Check out Aasics, Adidas, Nike, or Amazon online if you need to purchase wrestling shoes.  All of these sites allow you to search by size and price so you can find what meets your needs.

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